girl with painted jackets


by gabriella andrade

For the last months hand painted denim jackets are everywhere. What you probably didn't know is that you can easily make one at home! You just need to follow this steps and have some fun.

girl with jacket and hand painted denim jacket


art supplies for painting a jacket



The first thing that you need to do after getting all of the supplies is getting your sketchbook and starting to draw any idea that comes to your mind. You can look for some ideas in pinterest , just look for things that you usually like, start sketching them and putting them together so you can have an idea of the layout and colors that you are using for the jacket.

sketches in a book


Pencil drawing

After you have the main idea of the design that you want in your jacket, take the pencil (try to use a 6B so you can clearly see the marks) and start drawing on it. Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect, at the end when your jacket is ready you can erase any mark that's left on it.

jacket with pencil drawing on it


Base coat

Before using any color, you need to paint a base coat with white acrylic, probably one or two layers will work. For this step make sure to mix the white acrylic with fabric medium following the instructions of the medium that you bought. This base paint will make the colors pop instead of blending into the denim because how dark the fabric usually is.

jacket with white base coat

step four

add color

Now is time to have some fun! grab your acrylics and start adding some color to your design, remember to mix the acrylics with fabric medium. If you are not sure what colors you want to use, there are plenty of beautiful color palettes in google where you can take some ideas from.

painting jacket

step five

outlines (optional)

The last step is optional, I chose to do it because personally I like how it looks but you don't need to. Grab the thiniest pencil you have and with black painting (can be white too or any color you like) outline all of your design, it doesn't need to be perfect but this step makes it look more professional unique and beautiful.

Outlined drawings

step six

wear it with style!

Now that you are done you can show the world how amazing and unique your jacket is, have some fun and take cool pictures with it. Depending on the fabric medium that you used you may need to heat-set your jacket before washing it, just follow the instructions on it so the color doesn't go off.

photoshoot of girl with jacket beautiful jacket